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Covid-19 Update: We will continue to deliver to La and the OC every Sun, Tues, Thurs evening. Please stay home so we can curb the spread of this virus. To order our organic Juice cleanses click hereTo order from our Monthly farm-to-table menu click here. 

Earthly Who?

Earthly Juices is here to deliver to you custom juices, smoothies, vegan meals and salads to reset the gut and reverse digestive disorders. We bring the best organic foods from the farm to the table to super feed your body towards greater wellness.

Chef Jennifer Houst and Detox Coach Ellie Lara

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On-line cooking class this Thursday at Noon: How to make Nutmylks and Raw Vegan Cheeze Cake Bites with Chef Ellie Lara Come learn on-line how to make sprouted superfood nutmylks and plant based raw cheeze cake bites. We will be joined by Co-owner of Earthly Juices guest Chef Ellie Lara. This Thursday at Noon 4/30/20. The class costs $22 to attend and you will be sent a copy of the class once you register. Register for …

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Earthly Juices and Organic Eats May 2021 Menu

If you would like to order from this menu simply text 310-404-6804 or email us at with your order.

Juices 1/2 qrt $10, Full qrt $16
J1. Carrot Cooler – carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger, turmeric, mint, lemon
J2. Dr Oz. – kale, apple, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon
J3. Wake-up Adrenal Tonic – cayenne, turmeric, ginger, b-vits, amino acids, aloe, coconut …

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Earthly Dish Episode #75 Thriving in the Holi-daze w/ a Lit Less Sugar & a lot more Spice In this episode Chef Ava and Chef Jen share their passion for how to use healing spices in the kitchen to make unique healthy holiday recipes that warm your home and your heart. Tune in to be inspired to make your Holi-daze Spicy, sexy and sweet. This episode will is now available on Apple Podcasts. Remember to follow us there.

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Immunity Builder Cleanse Immunity Builder Cleanse

If you feel like your coming down with something or have a small chest infection or cold this is the best choice. This cleanse is designed to support the lungs and clear the small intestines of bacteria and waste that is bogging down the immune system. When the lungs begin to detox it moves through the body into the small intestines, thus  when the small intestines empty into the bowel the fluid of the lungs releases.

Daily Structure: 

Anytime Tea: Includes variety of immune supporting teas such as Anti-Inflamatory Tea, Lung Formula, Kidney Formula, Digestive Formula, and Detox Formula – drink warm through out the day.

Morning Green Juice: Flu bluster – garlic, apple, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, & greens

Lunchtime smoothie: Adaptogenic Super Immunity Building Mushroom Blend with aloe, spices and banana

Mid Afternoon C Flush: 1/2qrt  Pure tangerine juice

Late Afternoon Wake Up: 1/2 qt Adrenal support – cayenne, turmeric, ginger, b-vits, amino acids, aloe, coconut water, sea salt & apples

Clear broth detox soup for Dinner: Garlic, turmeric, cayenne, Black Pepper veggie Soup

Bedtime Salt Flush: Re- Mineralize the body with this potent salt flush

2 days now $99 – save $26

3 days now $165

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