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Basic Cleanse

Cleanse the system once a week with a one day cleanse and notice digestive improvement. Feeling Sluggish? Its may be time time to reboot with a 10-day total body detox.  Cleanse your colon, small intestine, liver, stomach and skin from the inside out.

Daily Structure:

• 1 sprouted nutmylk smoothie
• 1 alkalizing green juice
• 1 rainbow energy juice
• 1 liver/kidney cleansing tea

$55 a day



Green Warrior Cleanse



Not ready to do a full juice cleanse then try our juice till dinner package. Juice all day and eat a light dinner at night.

Daily Structure
• 1 qrt alkalizing green smoothies
• 1 qrt alkalizing green juices
• 1 qrt liver/kidney cleansing tea
• 1/2 qrt Colon Sweeping Salad
• 1/2 Quart Farm to Table Soup
• 1/2 Quart Pro biotic Kefir Smoothie

 $65 a day


Weekend Warrior Cleanse



Earthly’s most popular cleanse for athletes! If you are afraid to cleanse because you have cleansed before and are dyeing for more protein this is the cleanse for you….don’t go hungry super feed the body with our most popular protein rich package.

Daily Structure:

• 1 qrt sprouted nutmylk smoothie
• 1 qrt  alkalizing green smoothie
• 1 qrt  alkalizing green juice
• 1 qrt  rainbow energy juice
• 1 qrt liver/kidney cleansing tea

 2 1/2 Day Weekend Warrior Cleanse $140 

Summer Slimmer Weight Loss


Earthly Juices Summer Slimmer Easy Weight Loss Cleanse

Daily Structure:

1 qrt Green Juice

1/2 qrt Rainbow Juice

1 qrt Protein Smoothie

1 qrt Detox Tea

1 Farm to Table Salad

$65 a day


Sugar Buster Candida Cleanse


A short cleanse can sweep alot of the sugar out of the gut as well as the left over undigested foods that fungus and bacteria love to grow on. If you suffer from bad breath, bloating, lots of gas, itchy skin, skinny poops and brain fog candida is most likely to blame.

$62.50 a day


Slim/Sassy Cleanse


Essential Warrior 1 – dōTERRA’s “Slim and Sassy”

Earthly juices has teamed up with dōTERRA’s Essential oils to offer a Juice/Essential Oil Weight Loss Cleanse that is 2,3 or 4 days long.

Daily Structure:

1 quart Nut Mylk Protein Smoothie

1 quart Morning Greens Juice

1/2 quart Afternoon Wieghtloss Tonic:

1/2 qrt Chai Parasite Cleanse Tea

1/2 qrt Pumpkin Pistachio Vita-mineral Green Mylk

1/2 quart of Summer Veggie soup for dinner

2 oz bottle of Slim and Sassy Spitz. (30 Day Supply)

$65 a day 



Green Juices

Ellie shares, ” By eating about 80 % Green Foods, and drinking green smoothies and juices I feel so light and good.” Ellie’s Green Alkaline Cleanse includes: $65 a day

  • 1  quart Antioxidant Green Tea
  • 2  quarts of Green Juices
  • 1 Green Soup (cooked lentil, mung beans, or green veggie blend)
  • 1 Farmer’s market Greens Salad with Lemon wedge
  • 1 Snack Pouch of dehydrated ” Curried Green Seeds and Nuts”
  • 1 Chef Jen’s NEW Seaweed Kale Salad

$65 a day


Mommy Maintenance 3/4 Day


Busy Mom’s can juice till dinner  and still enjoy a nice dinner with the family at night.

Daily structure:

1 Red Juice
1 Green Juice
1/2 a quart of protein
We are finding this simple daily package is amazing for mom’s on the go.
$35 a day
5 Days $175, 7 Days $225, 10 Days $325, 21 Days $675, 30 Days $900
For the Month of September we are offering  the following deal:
Buy 1 Get the next 1: 50% off (Cleanse with a detox Buddy)
Buy 3 get 1 Free (Cleanse with Friends)
Call for this offer – 310-404-6804


Beet the Heat Tonic Cleanse


This Seasonal Cleanse uses Superfoods, Vitamins, Minerals and Chagga Mushrooms to flush the INFLAMMATION  and harmful Candida Bacteria from the body.

Daily Structure:

  • 1/2 Qrt Golden Wake-Up B’s Tonic
  • 1/2 Qrt Skin Glow Spiralina Ginger Tonic
  • 1 Farm to Table Salad
    1/2 qrt Ground Me Protein Smoothie
  • 1/2 Qrt of Waterlilly Beet Rose Tonic
  • 1/2 Garden Green Cold Gazpacho Soup
  • 1/2 qrt Shrooming Broom’n Chagga Tea
  • Sea Salt Flush

$62.50 a day

2 day  $99 (Discounted from $125 for the month of August)



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30 quarts in 30 Days


We would like to introduce our latest monthly juice package. It is 30 quarts in 30 days. Three quarts delivered every three days to your house free of charge.

30 quart in 30 days for $420

60 half quarts in 30 days for $450

(Save $150 in delivery fees) 

Beauty Express Elixirs – 1 qrt a day


Boost your adrenals with our new Beauty Express Elixirs. We have created one to wake you up with out  the dehydrating effects of coffee and one to put you to sleep with out the need of prescription drugs.

Only $14 a day – No Delivery Fees


Dr.C’s Green Juice Perscription


Dr.Coneally founder of the Cancer Center for Hope suggest to maintain daily health that you Drink 16oz of green juice a day with 500mg of pure vitamin C mixed in. This is her and her husbands daily routine to keep the immune system strong.

Only $15 a day – No Delivery Fees

1 Week: 2 -1/2 quarts a day $110

2 Week: 2 -1/2 quarts a day $220

4 Week: 2 -1/2 quarts a day $420 

Total Body 21 day Reboot


Feeling beyond Sluggish? Its time to reboot with a total body detox for several weeks. Cleanse your colon, small intestine, liver, stomach and skin from the inside out. The Daily Structure is up to you to you and your detox counselor. Get the flexibility and the support you need to transform the health of your body and increase your over all wellness.

 $59 a day – No Delivery Fees – Saves you $120

SAVE $250 if purchased by December 1st, 2015 

Whole 30 days


Just not happy with your body shape and size consider doing a 2, 3, or 6 month meal plan/juice cleanse and watch your shape transform. This delicious juicy/ food weight loss program is easy to do,  all you have to do is drink, drink, drink all day and crunch for lunch/dinner your way to a slimmer, happier more loving you. This program also includes email support and phone support provided by Chef Jen Houst and Detox Counselor Ellie Lara – for those “I want to cheat” moments – once a week.

 $53 a day – No Delivery Fees – Saves you $150




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